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Science Club

This year science club is being offered to children in years 3 to 6. It is proving to be a very popular and oversubscribed club. It takes place every Wednesday after school. Each week Miss Maguire and Ms Richards help the children carry out fun filled science experiments ranging from making parachutes, exploring if bubbles can bounce, testing to see if children with longer legs can jump further to cooking food to see the change in properties.

Here are a few pictures of what we have done so far this half term.

We looked at the ways we could change chocolate from a solid into a liquid. We then used the melted chocolate to make crispie cakes.

We have been talking about healthy eating for a few weeks now. We looked at the 5 different food groups and designed a healthy meal using them. The following week we made a healthy sandwich.

During Science club this week we made some yummy ice-cream. It was a snowy day and we were all very excited.