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As part of the homelearning project this half term, the children were asked to design and make a rocket that could be flown into Space. What can I say, I am amazed at the creativity of the children. Well done, they are amazing! 

As part of our science topic - Forces - we looked at what water resistance, buoyancy and streamlined are and carried out an investigation to see who could design and make the best boat, based on the information we had learnt in class. We had great fun making the boats and lots of fun sailing and racing the boats. Angela and Sandra's boat was the WINNER!!

Yesterday we went to our feeder high school, All Hallows, where we mixed with other Year 5 children from other schools. We found out that we had been stranded on a desert island and we had to do a series of tasks that would help us survive!! It was great fun, we learnt new things and made some new friends too!

We had great fun making rockets and then launching them into the air to see whose rocket could stay in the air the longest. Everyone had a go at driving a moon buggy across the moon trying to get the moon rockets for research - it was great fun and the best drivers WON - Mrs Falsey and Mrs Macdonald! 

We all had a chance at trying on a replica space helmet and wearing a replica space glove that has been signed by the second man on the moon BUZZ ALDRIN!!

There was a special visitor in Year 5 today - an astronaut(Mr B). He came into class today to tell us all about the Space Race, about what happened when he met different famous astronauts - Buzz Aldrin and Gene Cernan and to show us all his replica space resources. We had an amazing day and learnt lots!!

Today was World Book Day Year 5 had a great time dressing up in some fantastic outfits.  

The open morning this half-term had a science theme based around being healthy and keeping healthy. Year 5 have been looking at how we can look after our teeth. First we looked at how to clean our teeth properly. Miss T provided each child with a new toothbrush, some toothpaste and a disclosing tablet that when chewed you can see how well you have brushed your teeth. We had great fun finding out how good we are at brushing our teeth.

As part of looking after our teeth we investigated the amount of sugar that there is in different types of drinks. We were amazed and shocked by how much sugar was in certain drinks. We have made a conscious effort to drink more water to look after our teeth. 

As part of Design and Technology this half term, the children had to design a 3D model that showed the Solar System. They could design it in any way that they wished and could use any materials that they chose to use. The results have been incredible and I am very impressed with how creative Year 5 have been! Well done these are amazing!!

As part of out science topic (Earth and Space) we have been learning about the earth, how day and night is created and how the seasons are formed. We have talked about the movements of the moon and how this effects what we see and feel. We have looked at the different phases of the moon and we created these phases using Oreo biscuits. It was great fun as we even got to eat these phases! 


We have been learning all about the Good Life Orphanage in Kenya, a charity based orphanage that has been created because of a couple who went on holiday and were astounded at the poverty that some children were living in. We learnt about how the orphanage is run and how all funds raised go directly to keeping children happy and healthy. Throughout the year we do lots of fundraising to help the orphanage continue with its good work.

We did an assembly for the rest of the school and our parents showing them what we had learnt.