Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children





Mrs Sivils (a CAFOD volunteer) came into our school to do an assembly with the children, she explained to us all about the difficulties that people face in other countries where there is so much suffering and pain. Mrs Sivils and the Liturgical Ambassadors took us on a journey where we had to think about the decisions that refugees have had to make when they are fleeing their homes. The first station that we looked at was a world map, where we identified some countries that people are trying to escape from. The second station was where there was some food, showing that the people didn't have a lot of food and had to share what they did have. The third station was a passport, we discussed that some of these people didn't even have a passport and felt that they had no identity. The fourth station was a small rucksack, here we discussed the fact that these people could only take with them things that they could carry. The fifth station was a picture of a family, here we reflected on the fact that families may be separated and people had to choose who they were going to travel with and who was staying behind. At each station a candle was lit by one of the liturgical ambassadors and a prayer was said.

As part of the Year of mercy, we have raised money for CAFOD's "Brighten Up this Harvest".  Each child has paid a pound and has worn as many bright colours as possible for the cause.  This cause is to raise money for families in Bolivia (the poorest country in South America with the highest level of malnutrition) who are struggling to grow food.