Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children

Parent faith evaluations

Below are the results of the April 2019 questionnaire parents completed during our recent parent/teacher meetings.


Statement Strongly agree Tend to agree Tend to disagree Strongly disagree Don't know


I feel welcome to visit school

96.3% 3.7%
My child has a sense of belonging to the school 87.3% 11.8% 0.7% (no name on form)


I feel staff take care of my child's needs and keep him/her safe

82.9% 16.2% 0.7% (this was an issue with music at All Hallows)
School values to the views of parents/carers 77.7% 22%

Word of God

Staff support my child in learning about their Catholic faith

90.3% 9.6%
I know what the school's mission statement is 75.5% 2.9% 0.7% (no name on form) 0.7% (no name on form)


There are plenty of opportunities for my child to worship God

88.8% 11.1%
We are able to join in prayer and worship at school 86.6% 12.5% 0.7% (nop name on form)


We promote a Catholic culture in our school

90.3% 8.8% 0.7% (no name on form)
Relationships with staff, pupils and parents are strong 78.4% 20.7% 0.7% (this was about the length of parent meetings)

The results would suggest that parents/carers are very satisfied with our work as a Roman Catholic school in supporting them and their children.