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Welcome to Year 5

Releasing Ladybirds into the Wild

After nurturing his ladybirds for over week, today was the day that Ethan released them into the wild. He counted at least 20!

Ethan's Ladybirds

Ethan has been working hard looking after his lava at home and at last the ladybirds have begun to hatch. These look fascinating Ethan. 


Learning about Earth, Space and Beyond....

In class five, we have been learning all about Earth and space in our science work. The children were asked to research and write a fact file about a planet in our solar system. So Louie, who is working so hard, wrote about all of the planets. Great Job Louie!

We also have another fantastic fact file from the Fabulous Fabian!

VE Day

This year we have learned at lot about World War Two. 75 years ago today, the people of the time celebrated Victory in Europe day. The war wasn't over but Germany had surrendered and only Japan remained to be defeated. In celebration of this, Colin and his family have decorated their home to commemorate this special day! Thank you Colin and mum for sharing your photograph. 

In the spirit of VE day, LJ  is also celebrating. This looks brilliant Louie!

Making Learning Fun

This week we began our work on the Vikings. We are preparing to create some writing on the topic. As a way of showing his research on Viking longships, ET has made one of his own using garden materials to help some of that sticky knowledge stick to his brain. Well done ET! Has has also created a fantastic Viking longship- well done boys for making learning fun!

Creative Learning in Isolation

ET has been busy whilst we have been off school with some creative learning. This week he is setting up a butterfly house- he has just had his kit delivered. He promises to keep us up-to-date with their progress!


Christmas Craft Morning

This morning class five enjoyed making reindeer food for our Christmas Craft morning. We were really happy to see so many parents join us! Thank you for supporting us in our work. We will be selling the reindeer food at the Christmas Fair, so why not come along a buy a bag?