Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children

Target Setting

Our 'Movie Trail' is  our approach to whole school improvement across the curriculum; through target setting.

Last term we focussed key objectives for each year group in Maths. This term we will focus on Spelling for each year group.

Each week every child is given a target to achieve. When a child meets their target, they can add their name to the Movie Trail for that week. When their name is on themovie trail, they can earn rewards.

At the end of the half term each class watches a film and each child receives their reward for the targets they have met.

Each week represets a reward related to watching a film at the end of term:

  • Achieving Week 1's target allows children a film to watch
  • Achieving Week 2's target earns children popcorn with the film
  • Achieving Week 3's target earns children a drink watching the film
  • Achieving Week 4's target earns children a hot dog
  • Achieving Week 5's target allows children to choose their film (collectively)