Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children

Emotionally Friendly School

We are working towards Bronze accreditation with Emotionally Friendly Schools to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of our pupils and staff. It is essential we support our young learners by providing a quality education whilst meeting their emotional needs so they can access this to the fullest and thrive in a happy, nurturing environment.

Pupil Wellbeing

Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 7th-13th February 2022. This year's theme was Growing Together.

We encouraged children (and adults) to consider how they have grown and how they can help others to grow. 

During this week, we conducted pupil voice surveys to learn how our pupils are currently feeling and how we can adapt to support them further.

Staff Wellbeing

We have a variety of CPD (continuous professional development) courses booked for staff throughout the year to enhance teaching and learning. As a whole school, we will be accessing Emotion Coaching training to support the wellbeing of our pupils and develop consistent dialogue throughout each year group.

Working with parents

EYFS Coffee Mornings

Holy Family's EYFS Lead Miss Barlow will be hosting coffee mornings for EYFS parents in the hall each Wednesday morning going forwards from 9th February. Please feel free to stay to chat with staff and other parents about your child's progress and learn useful strategies to support your child in their learning and developmental journeys. We want this to be a useful, dedicated space to discuss any concerns you may have with a friendly ear to listen and support you and your family. Likewise, it will be a valuable time to share strategies and tips that work well for you with your child / children at home. 

We hope to see you at a coffee morning soon!

SEND Coffee Mornings 

Our Coffee Morning's are to be informal gatherings for parents, staff and even parents of future Holy Family pupils to discuss what we do for our SEN children in school and as an opportunity to chat to other parents and share advice and tips. 

Friday 18th February 2022 - Children's Mental Health

Thank you for joining us virtually, we hope you found this useful and informative. 


Next coffee morning dates are below, we looking forward to seeing you then. 

Friday 11th March 10am

Friday 8th April 10am