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Welcome to Year 3 

St. Patrick's Day 2022

World Book Day 2022

Art- Cave Paintings

For our Spring art topic, Year 3 looked at the work of famous artist, Iris Scott, who is known for her superb finger paintings. We practiced our finger painting skills and then created our own cave paintings, to coincide with our history topic, the Stone Age. Here is some of the children’s work.

Stone Age Day

To conclude our history topic for the Spring term, Stone Age to Iron Age, Year 3 had a very special visit from Mr B and Mr T, two Stone Age experts! We got to see (and hold) artefacts that are thousands of years old, knock down animal targets with spears, and even dress up as Britons and have a photo with a woolly rhino!

Safer Internet Day 2022

Tuesday 8th February 2022 was Safer Internet Day, and the children enjoyed listening to Mrs Rackham's assembly all about how to remain safe online. Year 3 then created posters together to educate other children on the dangers of the internet, and the steps they can take to ensure everyone's safety. Here are some examples. 

Candlemass and Prayer Stations

Wednesday 2nd February marks 40 days since Jesus' birth on Christmas day. On this day, Jesus, Mary and Joseph visited the temple in Jerusalem so that Jesus could be blessed. Jesus was placed into Simeon's arms, and he told Mary and Joseph that Jesus was going to be a very special person who would be a bright light shining in the world. Today, Year 3 celebrated the importance of this day and reflected on the meaning of Jesus being the light of the world.

Here are some photos from the prayer stations that the children got to experience to celebrate Candlemass. 

International Mother Language Day

Year 3 recorded an assembly for the rest of the school to watch, to teach everyone about International Mother Language Day. Article 30 states that every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of their family.

Watch here

Bring a gift to the crib

To celebrate the feast of the Epiphany, the children thought about what gift they would have given to baby Jesus if they had been invited to meet Him 2000 years ago. After designing their gifts, they placed them in a basket around the altar and offered their love to Jesus. 

Santa dash

Year 3 participated in Mr Bailey's Santa Dash this week. Well done to Michal for completing the course in the quickest time!

Advent parents morning

On Friday 26th November, parents were invited into school for a morning of advent crafts, and also to participate in our prayer stations in the hall. The children and their parents completed a series of activities which all centered around preparing for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Science- Light

For our second science topic of the Autumn term, Year 3 have been learning all about light. They have been looking at shadows, different types of materials (opaque, translucent, and transparent), and reflections.  


To raise money for Year 1's class charity (CAFOD), the children wore green and donated £1. We also went on a climate walk around school and identified things that we are doing well (like not having litter) and some things we can improve on (like turning lights off in empty rooms). Year 3 then split up into two groups- those that walk to school and those who come via car, to see the difference. 

Rights and Diversity Week

Year 3 spent some time each day this week celebrating the rights that we have as citizens of the United Kingdom, and the diversity that we have within our country, and the world. 

Lark Hill Place

To conclude our history topic (The Victorians & Industrial Revolution), Year 3 visited Salford Museum and Art Gallery to experience a day as a Victorian child. We even got to make a short trip to Peel Park on our lunch break! 

Black History Month

During Black History Month (October), Year 3 studied the life of Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was a slave who successfully escaped, and was brave enough to return to the South multiple times after her escape, in order to aid other slaves in their escape. Harriet successfully helped over 70 slaves to reach freedom in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Year 3 Rosary Assembly

To celebrate the month of Our Lady (October), Year 3 delivered a beautiful assembly on the importance of the Rosary, and gave their thanks for their own mums. 

Sports day

Year 3 enjoyed getting a chance to compete for their houses in sports day at the start of term, as we unfortunately had to miss it in the summer of Year 2. Great effort everyone! 

Art- L. S. Lowry

For our Autumn Art topic, Year 3 looked at the life and work of Laurence Stephen Lowry. We then practiced our sketching and shading skills before completing a piece of work in the style of Lowry.

Year 3 Recommended Reading

Year 3 Class Charity

 Refugee Action help people who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes. They get them the basic support they need to live again with dignity. Then they help them build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.

Their vision is that refugees and people seeking asylum will be welcome in the UK. They will get justice, live free of poverty and be able to successfully rebuild their lives.

Regardless of how people seeking safety arrive in the UK, their journey to a safe, productive life is not over. So many challenges face refugees and people seeking asylum right here in the UK – and that’s why Refugee Action exist.