As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children


Year Three Assembly



On 7th February the children in class 3 performed an assembly on Unity. In the assembly they told us about the inclusive nature of our school and how our diversity makes our community unique. We leanred that there are many different languages in our school and that our different backgraounds brings great wealth. Class three talked about thei charity- refugee in action and how we should always aim to be inclusive. We remember that Mary, Jesus and Joseph were refugees and that we should all ask to support other. 





Class 4 Assembly


On Wednesday 31st January Class four performed their class assembly to the whole school. This was on the them of John the Baptist. In the assembly the children taught us that when we are baptised we become a special part of the family of God. We learned that when we are baptised we are called to be a special servant of God. We would like to thank all of the children and the year four teaching team for a great assembly. Thank you to all of the year four families for attending the assembly.


Year 5 Holocaust Memorial day Assembly


On Wednesday the children in Class Five performed their spring term assembly on a very challenging theme- the theme of the Holocaust. In the assembly the children we are to explain the many challenges that the Jewish people in Europe faced in World War II and how this affected the people who were living at this time. The children dealt with this very sensitively and were able to explain it in a way that could be understood by all. We would like to thank the children for a thought provoking and well- delivered assembly.

British Values Assembly

On Monday the children from the student council delivered an assembly to the whole school based upon the fundamental British Values. These are:

·                   The rule of law

·         Democracy

·         Individual Liberty

·         Tolerance of people with different religions and beliefs

·         Mutual Respect

The children explained what the values mean and how those values shape the society that we live in in Britain. They also talked about how the British Values relate to the Gospel Values and our Holy Family 5 values of happy, faithful, loving, respectful and resilient. We would like to thank all of the student council for reminding us on the importance of the British Values.


Class 5 Laudato Si' Assembly



We have been called by Pope Francis to think about the impact that our actions have on our planet. We have been tasked to be Stewards of the Earth and as a result have a responsibility to ensure that there are enough resources to support generations to come. The Pope used St Francis of Assisi as his model for how we should take care of our planet. In their assembly, Class Five taught us about the impact we are having on the world through deforestation and pollution which is causing climate change. We prayed together asking God to guide us and help world leaders to make good decisions about how look after earth.


We would like to thank the children and the Class Five teaching team for providing us with such an informative assembly.



Class Six Mary Assembly