Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children

Catholic Life of the school



Year 3 looked at the Gloria prayer that is said during Mass, and wrote their own version of the prayer, giving glory and praise to God. 

Year 3 Stone Soup Story

Year 3 looked at the importance of sharing in their RE lesson this week. They recreated freeze-frames for the story of the stone soup, in which villagers all come together to make a soup that can feed the village as a whole.

Multi Faith Week

Each class studied a different religion over the course of the week to learn more about different religious practices and cultures of others.

Year 6 focused on Judaism and we even had a visit from Rabbi Feldman from Broughton Jewish Primary School. We appreciated the insightful discussion with children asking lots of brilliant questions.

The Deanery Celebration

Today our Faith Leaders joined members of other schools to mark the Year of the Word. Each representative from the different schools were given some scripture from Matthew's Gospel to focus on and to prepare a prayer station based on it. The Faith Leaders had an amazing time, singing, listening to scripture, participating in prayer stations and speaking to members from other schools and the community.


Collective Worship with the Faith Leaders

The Faith Leaders led a lovely collective worship for the children in year 4. They told the story of the Good Samaritan and how Jesus would want us all to be kind and helpful just like the Samaritan was. They prayed for the people who are suffering in the world today especially the poor families and animals in Australia.  

Prayer Stations

Today the chilren in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 took some time out of learning and put it into reflecting. They took part in the prayer stations that had been puty together by staff, which included - thinking about their actions, the words they use and how they respond. They had to reflect on what God would think about the world today and decide on the changes that could be made to make it a better and happier world.

The Year of the Word

The Faith Leaders kicked off the 'Year of the Word' with a fabulous assembly for the whole school. They explained what this means, shared some stories from the Bible and told the children about some exciting work that we will complete over the next few weeks.

Light Fever with Father Frankie

To start our Advent journey and prepare for Christmas we took part in light fever, we lit candles, said prayers, recieved blessings and were given a prayer card to take home and say during Advent. It was lovely reflecting time. Thank you to all who took came.  

Faith Leaders Leading Faith

Today the Faith Leaders lead collective worship in class five. The theme was on treating people fairly. We heard about the life of the Good Samaritan. We pledged to pay witness to his story by acting more like the Good Samaritan in our own lives. 

Year Five CAFOD Workshop

.Class Five have had a great morning today. After the CAFOD assembly, we were joined by Ann in class who delivered a workshop for us on the UN Convention for children, and the UNICEF Rights of the Child. It was a great morning and we learned even more about UNIVERSAL and UNCONDITIONAL rights.  Thank you Ann!

CAFOD - World Gifts

Today we welcomed Ann, who works with the charity CAFOD, to help those people who are in need. She reminded us all about the fabulous 

work that CAFOD does and how we can get involved! The children were very enthusiastic about raising money and deciding on what they wanted to spend it on

After a lot of preparation and hard work we managed to raise a fabulous £315! Thank you to all got behind us!

Staff retreat -  Jesus the teacher

We would like to thank Cath and James from Good News Retreats for leading our staff in some reflective thinking about ourselves and others. It was an interesting session where we thought about how we could describe Jesus and how we are the same as him.  

UNICEF - World Children's Day

The UNICEF team led a fantastic assembly this morning to inform us on the rights of a child and to help us celebrate World Children's Day. Thank you to those parents that attended and celebrated with us!

Adoration of the Blessed Sarament with Years 4, 5 and 6

Father Frankie came in school today to teach us about the Blessed Sarament. We spent some special time in the presence of Jesus.

Year 3 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Mary's Meals

Father Frankie came into school to tell us all about Mary's Meals, which is a charity that he has supported for years. The charity believes that every child should receive one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. After hearing that it will only cost £14 to feed a hungry child with Mary’s Meals for an entire school year we decided that we must take action!!

The Faith Leaders called and meeting and decided what they wanted to do - they did a 'guess how many sweets in a jar' and 'guess the name of the teddy' we raised a total £129.50 We are really pleased with what we have raised - so well done and Thank You!!

Below are the two lucky winners!

Year 3- Stages of Baptism

Celebration of God's word, The Anointing with Chrism, The Celebration of Sacrament, The White Garment, The Lighted Candle

Year 3 - Caritas in Action Work 

Year 2's Black History Month assembly

Year 2's first assembly of this academic year was all about why we remember Black History Month in the UK. They spoke about how Black History Month started and why all people should be treated with respect and fairness by looking at the Unicef convention on the rights of a child and by looking at what the Bible says in Genesis and Galatians. 

Year 4 did their first assembly of the year on Democracy, including some thoughts about Articles 13 and 14 of our Unicef rights. We reflected on the need to choose to elect leaders who reflect our Christian values such as kindness, care for the poor and love for our neighbours.

It's that time again - to brighten up for harvest. Today we took part in the CAFOD fundraiser to help communities that are in need and are trying to lift themselves out of poverty.

Millions of families around the world do not have enough food and children miss out on school. We supported this by donating £1 and wore the brightest clothes that we could find! Thank you to our children and parents for their support!

Father Frankie came to talk to us about a charity that he works very close with. This charity is called 'Mary's Meals'. This charity believes that 'every child should receive one daily meal in their place of education'. It would cost just £14 to feed one child for a whole year! This is something that we at Holy Family wanted to get involved with and so the Faith Leaders designed some fundraising activities. They thought of 'how many sweets in the jar?' and 'guess the name of the unicorn'. In one week they had raised £129 for Mary's Meals. Well done to the Faith Leaders and thank you to all who got involved!

Here is a picture of the two lucky ladies who won!

Another prayerful session had by all of Key Stage 2 today!

The children were incredibly respectful and enjoyed the quiet time reflecting on their families, their actions and behaviours. 

The Faith Leaders joined forces to create our new and improved school prayer. We are very proud of the children and what they have achieved in the creation of this prayer - We think it sums up our school brilliantly! Thank you Faith Leaders!

Our School Prayer

Holy Family school is a place where love, hope and success thrive each day. With God, we learn to love ourselves, each other and our families. Our parish community and actions brighten up our day and help us to be like Jesus and our Mother Mary. We ask you Lord to stay with us on our journey as we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices as God’s children in our Holy Family School. 


Year 6's assembly

Year 6 did a lovely assembly on Mary to celebrate her birthday this week! What a way to start off the celebrations for her birthday! The singing was amazing - well done!

Key Stage 2 enjoyed some quiet time reflecting on their lives, their behaviours and reminding themselves that we are to be role models to others. A lovely time at prayer stations

Year 6 celebrated the end of the year with a calming and well considered mass, every member of the class had some involvement in the way the mass was organised, from the readings and hymns that were chosen, what they decided to offer up to the layout of the classroom. It was beautiful and even the parishioners enjoyed themselves and joined us for tea and biscuits afterwards.