Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children

prayer life of holy family



The children attend whole school masses a number of times throughout the year, (the start of the school year, Christmas, Easter and at the end of the school year) they will also attend Mass on holy days too. All parents and parishioners are invited to celebrate these with us.

Class Masses are held for Year 6, in preparation for leaving Holy Family and also for Year 3, in celebration of receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion. During the year the faith leaders work closely with the Sacramental Programme children and they prepare special community masses which happens once a month.




Holy Family school is a place where love, hope and success thrive each day.

With God, we learn to love ourselves, each other and our families.

Our parish community and actions brighten up our day and help us to be like Jesus and our Mother Mary.

We ask you Lord to stay with us on our journey as we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices as God’s children in our Holy Family School.



The Faith Leaders joined together to write a brand new school prayer - they thought about everything that is important to them and to our school and we think it is perfect! 


Collective Worship

Collective worship also takes part in class each week.  Children are led in worship, listening to the Word of the God and reflecting on the different scriptures.


Every Monday a whole school assembly takes place to reflect on the Gospel from Mass and on the Liturgical Year. These assemblies are linked to the UNICEF rights of the child.

Class assemblies take place every Thursday, where parents are invited to watch their children's class assembly.  These are based on the RE curriculum, CAFOD (the Universal Church), Caritas in Action, UNICEF rights or the Liturgical Year.

Prayer group

Miss Trueman runs her prayer group, with the help of the faith leaders, twice a week. Children have the opportunity to spend some quiet time praying, listening to scripture and reflecting on their own lives.


The Faith Leaders in our school have been specially chosen as they are good role models for the pupils in our school. They are easily identified as they wear a special purple jumper with the school logo. They regularly take part in collective worship, prayer stations, leading and joining in with prayer group during their lunchtimes.