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History of the Parish

History of Mother of God & St. James Church

St.Jame's church was opened by Rev. James Wilding in 1875, the original church was on Church Street. The last mass was said in old church in October 1973 and the building was demolished shortly after.

The new church on Pendleton Way was open by Bishop Thomas Holland in October 1975. The new church is much smaller than the old church, but the old presbytery still remains and several statues were retained for the new church and also a stained glass window.

The first priest at St. James was Fr. Saffenreuter (who was also a priest to the Salford workhouse). Two more popular priests were Fr. Dean Crilly who was parish priest for 31 years and Fr. Dean Reynolds who was in charge from 1948 to 1977.

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History of All Souls & St. John Vianney Church

All Souls church was founded in 1892, Lady Annette de Trafford laid the foundation stone of a new school here in 1889. This was during the Rectorship of Dean Saffenreuter, at St. James's, Pendleton. A separate parish was formed in 1896, and Canon McDermott Roe was the first Rector, but was soon followed by Fr. Salvatore Carruccio, who stayed until his death in 1903. Fr. Henry Mom came here from Colne and worked in this district for ten years until ill-health caused him to retire. He died in 1927.

All Souls church started life, not where it is now, but on Bute street, (now Kintyre avenue), Weaste. In its last years, the original church became an extension of the school, housing the last year’s pupils, before they migrated to secondary school. The church was unused for a few years then became a factory, making men’s shirts, after which, in the early 1970's it was demolished.