As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children



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Here are some examples of how children at Holy Family enjoy experiences beyond the national curriculum.

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Beyond Humanities

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Beyond STEM

Class dojo

At Holy Family, we use class dojo to reward positive behaviour and efforts of the children in our classes. These dojo points vcan be viewed by parents, and are exchanged for house points at the end of the week in celebration assemblies.We also use class dojo to communicate with parents and share relevant information such as newsletters, key dates etc. 


Financial Education

We believe it is vital that our children leave Holy Family in Year 6 not only academically prepared for high school, but also personally prepared to handle important decisions, including how to spend their finances. As a result, Holy Family are working towards an accreditation in Financial Education, supported by Young Enterprise. Each class will do one lesson per half term on an age-appropriate financial topic. 


World Maths Day

The children at Holy Family LOVE leaning maths- especially their times tables. Each year, children in KS1 and KS2 will compete in an online competiton for 'World Maths Day'- competing against children from all over the world. The top-score winner from each class will receive a certificate and prize, and all other participants receive a certificate for their efforts. There are also mega prizes on offer through 3P Learning, the company who host World Maths Day. 

Beyond the Arts

The Paul Hamilin Project

At Holy Family, the arts is an important aspect of our school curriculum. In order to suppliment and impove the curriculum we have become invloved in thew Pual Hamilin project which is designed to promote excellence in music and art. In partnership with creatives including musicians and poets we are working as a school to improve additional opportunities for all children. As the project progresses the children will refine and develop their ability to perform and in turn will develop their appreciation and understanding of music and the perormed word in poetry. 


Year Four Brass lessons

As a school we believe that all children deserve the very best opportunities. This is true of all subjects and is the same for arts subjects. As a school we invest financial resources to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. In year 4 we provide all children with a brass instrument and additional tuition in order to ensure that they get to learn to play. All children as they attend our year four class will have this opportunity. 


Robin Wood Residential Centre


To enhance our PE provision and to provide childreen with the opportunity to experience sports that cannot be offered in school, children in Class Five have th opportunity to visit the Robin Wodd Centre at Dobroyd Castle. At the centre they children can experince extreme sports such as the zip wire, canoeing, caving, raft building and climbing to name a few. The children also have the opportunity to work as teacms in order to develop their communication skills. To find out more please search the website below.