Holy Family Catholic School

As Holy Family, we learn, believe and seek to make the right choices, as God's children

Collective Worship at Holy Family

Year 6 held a lovely Collective Worship this week reflecting on friendships. We listened and discussed scripture taken from the Old Testament about the friendship between David and Jonathan. This opportunity gave us time time to reflect on our own friendships and how grateful for them we are.

Today some classes went into the garden for some special time with Mary as it was her birthday this week (8th September).

We talked about how she was a special lady who was chosen by God to become the Mother of Jesus and thought about reasons as to why Mary was the ‘chosen one’.

We discussed the prayer the Hail Mary and figured out that it was split into two parts – the first part was praising Mary and the second was asking her to pray for us to ensure that we do the right thing.

We then said a quiet prayer to Mary and tied a ribbon to brighten up her garden. We wrote down some gifts that we would like to give to Mary.